Photo: Perica Gunjic

Verdict for arson attack on home of journalist Milan Jovanović expected on 23rd February

February 16, 2021

The legal defence of Dragoljub Simonović, Vladimir Mihailović and Aleksandar Marinković, who are accused of an arson attack on the house of Žig Info portal journalist Milan Jovanović in December 2018, has completely denied their guilt and sought acquittals. This was followed by Judge Slavko Žugić stating that he wanted to carefully analyse all the closing arguments and scheduled the pronouncing of the verdict for 23rd February.

Closing arguments were previously given by the prosecutor, Jovanović and his lawyer, all of whom requested the most severe possible punishment, without mitigating circumstances, for Simonović, who is a former president of the Belgrade suburban municipality of Grocka and an official of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party.