Photo: OK Radio

Verdict against individual convicted of imperilling safety of OK Radio employees disappears from court

August 1, 2023

The first instance verdict of the Basic Court in Vranje against Dejan Nikolić Kantar, which sentenced this owner of a betting shop in the city to 18 months in prison for endangering the safety of the employees of local radio station OK radio, as well as other journalists who he threatened in the courtroom, has disappeared from the High Court in Vranje, which is tasked with ruling on appeals against this verdict.

Apart from the verdict itself, other documents have disappeared that form an integral part of the court case: evidence, complete case notes and testimonies. After receiving information about the disappearance of the case files, the basic court managed to restore the complete documentation.

The Ministry of Justice has launched the supervising of the High Court, while the president of the court in question has filed a criminal complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office against unnamed individuals over the disappearance of the case files that has prompted the Supreme Court and the High Council of the Judiciary to take measures.

The Association of Independent Electronic Media, ANEM, requested the determining of responsibility over the disappearance of the case material from the High Court.