Photo: Flickr, Bloomsberies

Suspended sentence for threatening journalists

November 16, 2021

A 35-year-old resident of Niš has been sentenced to a one-year prison term, or a three-year suspended sentence, after he confessed to attacking and threatening journalists of Južne vesti [Southern news], a portal that covers happenings in Niš and around southern Serbia.

Speaking in comments posted on this portal, the convicted attacker told journalists of the Niš-based portal that he “wants their children to be raped savagely” and that “they should all be hanged during a public broadcast on the internet”.

Following horrific threats issued against Dragoljub Draža Petrović, editor-in-chief of daily Danas, on Cenzolovka’s Facebook page five years ago, Dejan Ivković, from Mirosaljac near Lazarevac, has been sentenced to a one-year prison term, suspended for three years, for threatening Petrović’s security.