Ruling party by far the most represented on public media services

February 15, 2017

The main news bulletin on the First channel of Radio-Television Vojvodina, the provincial public service broadcaster, devoted as much as 84 per cent of space during the first week of February to the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, while as little as four per cent were given to the representatives of the opposition, according to the research conducted by the Novi Sad School of Journalism.

The main news bulletin of the national public broadcaster, Radio-Television Serbia, dedicated 67 per cent of space to news related to the ruling party.

The ruling party, with 74 per cent, was also the most represented on TV Pink’s National Daily news bulletin, the most watched commercial television channel, with 18 per cent reserved for other ruling parties, and the opposition receiving eight per cent of air time.

The voice of the opposition could be heard the most (44 per cent) on TV N1, which broadcasts its programming via the internet and cable TV systems, as well as on the Second channel of Radio-Television Vojvodina, which broadcasts news in the languages of national minorities (40 per cent for the opposition, 39 per cent for SNS).