Mesto: Beograd Datum: 11.01.2018 Dogadjaj: POLITIKA - Sednica Vlade Srbije Licnosti: Ana Brnabiæ

Prime Minister: “So-called investigative media dig around in officials’ property”

December 17, 2017

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić has stated that “so-called investigative media, without any responsibility, are digging around in the property of officials,” which prompted disapproval among part of the media public.

She also objected to the fact that journalists are investigating the property of relatives and other associated persons, “only in accordance with their desires and considerations determining what is close and what is extended family”.

Her statement on “so-called investigative media” was condemned by some media outlets, with the comment that Brnabić “does not understand or will not understand” the role of the media in a democratic society.

She held a meeting on 14th November with the Media Freedom Group, which brings together numerous journalists, journalists’ associations, activists, NGOs and citizens.

At that meeting she was handed a list of 13 demands related to improving the situation in the media, which she promised to respond to – though this has yet to happen.

After the Group For Media Freedom publicly called her out in mid-December, reminding her of her promise, Brnabić apologised, with the comment that she was not efficient enough, but that the answers will arrive soon, after which the dialogue will continue.