KRIK: Aleksandar Vučić’s inauguration was secured by a criminal gang member

August 1, 2017

Journalists of the KRIK investigative journalism network have discovered that one of the aggressors who physically attacked citizens and journalists during Aleksandar Vučić’s presidential inauguration was one Borko Aranitović, who is “close to the team of murdered drug dealer Sale Mutavi”.

While Vučić was being sworn in as the new president on 31st May, the ruling party organised a support rally from which the party’s security removed some journalists and activists, ushering them away and pushing them.

Photographs of the incident clearly showing the faces of the attackers were soon made public, after which the ruling SNS party admitted implicitly that this was about party security.

Interior Minister and senior SNS official, Nebojša Stefanović, said that he “does not think that the SNS engaged Aranitović as an usher”, which, as KRIK writes, contradicts the SNS statement in which the aggressors are said to have been the party’s wardens.

The attackers have still not been prosecuted, despite it being announced quickly after the incident that they had been identified. Specifically, the Prosecution sought additional information from the police a month and a half ago, which has still not been submitted, so the investigation is treading water.

Photo: YouTube screenshot / KRIK