Mesto: Beograd Datum: 10.03.2017 Dogadjaj: POLITIKA/CITIZEN - tribina Istinomera "Ko nadzire medije u predizbornoj kampanji?" Licnosti: Tamara Skrozza

Journalist Tamara Skrozza withdraws from Independent Journalists Association of Serbia

July 17, 2018

A prominent Serbian journalist Tamara Skrozza has stated that she is no longer a member of the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia (NUNS), and that she has also withdrawn from the Press Council – the self-regulatory body in which she represented this association.

She previously resigned from the NUNS Executive Board, due – amongst other things – to NUNS’ attitude towards journalist Vladimir Kostić, after he broke the story that former Belgrade Mayor and current opposition leader Dragan Đilas borrowed six million dinars from the Media Centre, which is owned by NUNS.

Skrozza stated on her Facebook profile that she had decided to leave the journalist association, of which she had been a long-time member, following the statement of NUNS Secretary General Svetozar Raković, that “greater damage was inadvertently caused by Tamara’s resignation than Kostić’s article”.

The negative reaction within NUNS to journalist Kostic’s article also led to the resignation from the association’s court of honour of respected journalist Danica Vučenić.

These resignations will be discussed at an extraordinary session of the NUNS Assembly to be held in October.