Journalist of local portal threatened following article about the beating of a married couple

November 30, 2018

Anita Đukić, editor of Jagodina-based local portal Infocentral, has reported to police the she received threats after publishing an article detailing an incident in which an unknown attacker assaulted a married couple in the parking garage of a shopping centre.

Jagodina is a city that’s managed by the flamboyant Dragan Marković Palma – despite this not being his official function – and it was in Jagodina that journalist Milan Pantić was murdered in 2001. An investigation into that murder is allegedly still ongoing.

Following comments posted below the article about the incident – published without a byline – that revealed the initials of the alleged attacker of the couple, the portal’s editor was linked to the information and the article and subsequently received threats from people justifying the actions of the attacker. According to the portal’s editor, she also received threats via sms.

This local portal has existed for four years, while its editor has to date reported to police eight times in response to threats she’s received. Prior to these latest threats, a group of young men snatched her camera from her in August this year while she was attempting to take pictures of a house that had been subjected to a bomb attack.