Miljko Stojanovic (photo: personal archive)

Death threats over article covering Ukrainian refugee from Lviv

March 15, 2022

Miljko Stojanović, the Zaječar correspondent of national daily newspaper Danas, has received death threats following the publishing of an article about a Ukrainian who fled from the city of Lviv.

Stojanović and the featured Ukrainian both received offensive and threatening comments via Facebook. The Danas journalist was told, among other things, that “the police can only come to write him off” if he doesn’t delete the article. “I will bump into him eventually, and then let him pray that I don’t mutilate him,” states the comment.

According to the revelations of Danas, the police quickly identified the person who issued the threats via their profile and it was allegedly a neighbour of Stojanović. Following interrogation, the alleged aggressor was ordered to be detained by police for up to 48 hours.