Critical Freedom House report criticised

May 15, 2020

A Freedom House report has criticised the state of media freedom in Serbia, with the Serbian Government responding by criticising the report of Freedom House.

The reduction of media freedom is cited in the recently published Freedom House report for 2019 as one of the biggest problems in Serbia. According to FH, the worst examples are TV Pink and tabloid newspaper Informer, as propaganda outlets of the ruling party.

The Serbian Government, however, disagrees with the assessment contained in the report. Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that the report of organisation Freedom House on Serbia is very flippant and filled with inaccuracies, but that it also contains things “that are true and that we must work on in order to fix”.

The Government of Serbia went a step further, sending Freedom House a “studious response on 18 pages”. According to the assessment of Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, the Freedom House report on the state of democracy in Serbia does not show the true state of affairs, which is why the Government of Serbia had to respond.